Marketing Ideas with Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is an individual whose curiosity has been the driver of his professional life. At the start, it helped him push through his academic periods at Grossmont College and San Diego State University, where ultimately he ended up with a degree in public administration and urban development. He is currently an active partner for Quick Link Marketing. As a long time resident in California, he brings his rich understanding of the local culture into the company. A recent interview with Ideamensch goes into greater depth of the business.


Quick Link Marketing is a company designed to meet the modern needs of companies. They create specialized marketing campaigns. This kind of service helps clients stay on top of market shifts in the ever-changing environment of the technology era. Krishen Iyer spends each day on an optimized schedule where he switches between a variety of activities. It ranges from client discussions, development, and marketing. He finds that the most important quality to a successful company is communication. The best results are produced when a wide array of inputs are combined.


The power of communication is just one key for Krishen Iyer, but he goes on to cite his intense curiosity as another factor. He believes in learning information by asking a question. Then with everyone’s collective input, he produces results that make everyone happy. Looking forward, the industry trend he is keeping an eye on are marketing analytics data. That level of information detail will allow Quick Link Marketing to refine its practices. By creating a focused campaign, the monetary risks lower and success rates go up.


Quick Link Marketing is a company that performs work needed for companies to keep up in the modern era. They have a strong success rate of strong marketing ideas, and with the help of Krishen Iyer, they continue to innovate new ideas. In this business being curious and having an ear, are vital qualities to making sure the best possible outcome is reached. There will be a strong demand for this for years to come.