Paul Mampilly’s Two Favorite Growing Trends That Are Smart To Invest In

Paul Mampilly is an entrepreneur, businessman, and most notably a financial expert. He has taken hedge funds to a whole new level of success. Paul’s instincts cannot be matched and, he is a force to be reckoned with. His secret to success is consistency. Every morning he wakes up between five and six to checks the world markets. This allows him to stay on top of the latest changes so he can stay on top on his game. Mr. Mampilly has kept the very same morning routine for the last 15 years and has not changed it. He attributes this pattern to his longevity and success in the financial world.

The successful businessman has changed his career goals in the last couple of years to serve a entirely different market. For many decades Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street making companies richer, but had a change of heart recently. He wanted to serve the average American, so they too could experience financial freedom.

This came in the package of a newsletter, created and written by the financial expert himself. Paul Mampilly created Profits Unlimited to serve a wider audience, and it sure has worked. His subscriber count is quickly growing to over 100,000 readers. Seeing such great results, Paul created two other newsletters to serve the masses.

They are Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Mr. Mampilly dished out advice for his well researched investment picks. Because he has worked in the financial world so long, he can spot good investment trends from a mile away. This includes special opportunities, technology, growth investing, and so much more. On top of his successful newsletter, Paul Mampilly founded a financial consulting firm called Capuchin Consulting.

He helps profession investors find unique opportunities to invest in. There are two trends that Paul is keeping his eye on and finds they have massive investment potential. They are the Internet of Things and millennials. The Internet of Things is smart technology. These devices are connected to the internet in ways that will be very beneficial to society. Millennials is the largest generations since the baby boomers. They will dictate what the market looks like in pretty much every industry.

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The Future And Present Of – How It Came To Be, also known by many as Jingdong Mall, is one of the best retail companies that exist in China. The company deals with all types of products from food, electronics, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and many others. The company started long before Amazon and eBay became big. Through hard work of its employees, gaining the trust of its clients, having more investors interested in it, being authentic and practicing first delivery, it has created a good image for itself and grown to something big.

Jingdong has a fast delivery system that makes it more preferable: 3hours to deliver around Beijing, 6 hours around all the urban areas of China and 20 hours to deliver for areas that are interior. However, they are still working on their delivery system out of China. For a package that should be delivered to Washington D.C. it will take a minimum of 6days and a maximum of 10 days.

In their venture to better their technologies and improve on their levels of innovations, opened a lab for blockchain technologies. in this project the team has partners up with Wu College Computing that is located at New Jersey of IT and Institute Software at the C.A.S. the project is also meant to better the understanding of clients on the chain used to supply their products s they can be at ease knowing they are safe thus gaining their trust and loyalty.

The company has also brought into action the new “JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution”. This is supposed to help small businesses to upgrade their management system. It is also for helping businesses that have underutilized warehouses rent them to other businesses that need extra space. The companies using this solution also get an added value of using delivery system.

The company has also introduced the use of reusable packages. The packages are green in color and cuboid in shape. One such package can fit anything whether an electronic device, jewelry, clothes or cosmetic and can be used for about 10 deliveries before it is considered unusable. This new measure is so as to maintain the environment. It is also the clients wish to either use the packaging or not. For those that use the package, they earn points that are redeemable on JD. com for any product. The client is also requested to return the packaging after delivery. Visit This Page for more information.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Insight On Integrity And Business


Being the founder and CEO of, Richard Liu Qiangdong currently has a net worth of $11 billion according to Forbes. When he ventured into business, Richard Liu’s restaurant business failed, and he decided to venture into selling health products and computer parts in the year 1998. In the year 2004, he moved away from physical retailing and set up his online stores. Richard Liu Quiangdong’s business snowballed, and ten years later, appeared on NASDAQ listings, even though it ran on losses that year.

In an interview by Richard Liu, he admits that his journey as a businessman was never easy. He states that at one moment he was infected with the SARS. The onset of the infection was the point he decided to close his physical shops and set up online ones. The main reason behind this was to avoid affecting his clients with the disease since conversing with healthy people face-to-face put them at higher risks of contracting the disease.

However, one of the main challenges the company faced was competition e-Commerce company rivals such as The primary thing that made the company stand out from the rest is the fact that they decided not to sell any counterfeit products. Through this, the company grew to become of the largest e-commerce companies in the world right now. Looking at this fact, Richard Liu’s idea made his company successful was the creation of value for its clients.

Currently, ships its products worldwide. The firm has 500 logistics centers around the world and would, for instance, take fifteen days for products to reach New York. As such, the firm strives at giving its clients value for their money; with the company having a goal of becoming the biggest online retailer in the world in a few years to come. Visit This Page to learn more.

Conclusively, Richard Liu advises upcoming entrepreneurs to uphold integrity and willingness to take in the advice given to them by more experienced business people and the elderly. He cites these two things as the drivers that pushed him into what he is today. He, for instance, looks back at when he became a businessman, and his avoidance of counterfeit products earned him more clients than some of his competitors.

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Charlamagne Tha God Encourages The New Generation To Vote


It’s common to not be entirely satisfied with a political candidate. Every party whether it’s Democrats, Republicans or a third party, might have unsettling feelings about a particular politician in office or one running for office. The only way to make a difference is to vote. That is why Charlamagne Tha God and many other celebrities are turning to social media to encourage the youth to make their voice known by voting.

Charlamagne Tha God has persuaded his Instagram followers to register to vote by their state’s registration deadline. He noted October 9th was the last day to register in 15 states which included Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

Charlamagne Tha God attached a clip from his hit show, The Breakfast Club, urging his viewers to raise the number of voters to an all new record. He insisted to not only vote in this election but in every election to follow. Social media hashtags and being involved in protests are fine, but showing up to the polls and casting a ballot is where the real power is.

In 2016, Charlamagne Tha God was a spokesperson for “Respect My Vote”, a campaign for The Hip Hop Caucus. This campaign was to inspire the new generation to unleash their voice by registering to vote. He understands the steps it takes to obtain rights from his ex-offender background. Voting is incredibly vital for the future and mounding of the country.

During the presidential elections in 2016, only 56% of registered voters casted ballots. The millennials had the lowest record of ballots casted than any other age group. That is why Charlamagne Tha God and many other celebrities are using their voice to influence this generation to register before their state’s deadline and vote on November 6th. Read This Article for related information.


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Deirdre Baggot Leading The Fight For Patient Healthcare

The traditional payment structure for healthcare is built on quantity not quality, leading to patient dissatisfaction, re-testing and resulting poor patient aftercare. Deirdre Baggot is credited with making current reforms and overhauls to how healthcare organizations look at billing practice efficiencies. Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, RN. has years of experience in all areas of healthcare administration and works to advise health facilities on the benefits of and how to implement strategies of bundled payment systems. She discusses how the Affordable Care Act and current payment models are negatively affecting the patients’ ability to pay for medical care and how these practices are having adverse effects to each facility’s bottom line. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on crunchbase

Idea Mensch has tracked Deirdre’s success. She has worked with over 200 hospitals and 60 billing bundles developing client relationships, and designing and implementing programs and strategies. The Medical Daily Times credits her efforts to having led to improvement in patient experiences and decreasing costs for clinical tests and results. Physicians and hospitals share in these savings. She also acts in an advisory capacity to healthcare providers’ senior leadership and health system boards. In addition, Deirdre works as an expert regarding bundled payments and MACRA for the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services (CMA).

Deirdre Baggot has also been a primary and keynote speaker at a number of medical conferences. These include the American Heart Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, Bundled Payment Summit, SAS, Medtronic, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Pay-for-Performance Summit, Innovation Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and the Bundled Payment Congress.

Ms. Baggot attended the University of Colorado earning her Doctor of Philosophy degree. In Chicago she attended Loyola University Graduate School of Business and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Deirdre also holds a Bachelor of Science for Nursing and was awarded a Gregory LaVert Scholar. She has been featured on a number of television and radio programs and has more than 20 papers to her credit.

Despite her unusually busy schedule with conference calls and meetings Baggot tries to limit these activities to where she is most needed. She remains active in researching new ideas, putting them in writing and consulting groups of peers for ideas, feedback and modifications. She is concerned that medical errors represent the third leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease and cancer rank number 1 and 2. An estimated two million people will die this year of infections acquired at a hospital. She has made it a priority to engage patients as partners in their healthcare in America.

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How Did The Early Life Of Gregory James Aziz Prepare Him For The Big Role At National Steel Car?

Gregory James Aziz has had a long and illustrious career path that culminated in taking the lead at national steel car, the rail freight car manufacturer. He picked up the company and resuscitated it before helping it regain its rightful position in the world of rail freight car manufacturing. Through a wealth of experience in evaluating businesses performance and even greater entrepreneurial skills horned throughout his life, he was able to pool in resources necessary to lift the company off the ground and back to profitability. But how did his early life prepare him for this:



Having started his educational journey at Ridley College, James Aziz went on to join the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economic. He would rely much on the knowledge and skills gained here in his future endeavors both at his family company as well as during his tenure as an investment banker.


Working at the family company

Soon after his graduation, Greg Aziz joined his family company, Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business serving the expansive Canadian market. While he joined in the supervisory level, his leadership skills would see him climb up the management ladder. Over the next two decades, he would influence the growth of the family company and played a key role in expanding its operations.

During this time Affiliated Foods grew into a leading fresh foods importer in the country as well as the largest distributor in Canada and parts of the United States. Here he learned firsthand, what it takes to run a successful business.


Experience as an investment banker

While the success with Affiliated Foods exposed Aziz’s leadership skills, it suppressed his entrepreneurial side. He, therefore, left his family company and ventured into the investment baking world in New York. The new role tested his entrepreneurial skills and ability to identify businesses in distress, but which had a great growth potential. One such business was the Canadian based National Steel Car Company. Go Here for more information.

By the time James Aziz took over its leadership, the company was operating below optimum production levels in addition to being marred with numerous other operations and leadership challenges. He would mobilize resources needed to help the company overcome most of these challenges including upgrading the technology used in the production factories, hire new staff, and initiate a marketing campaign.


Bottom line

The experience and entrepreneurial skills paid off less within the three years of taking over national steel car. Thanks to the contributions of Greg Aziz, the brand is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of Rail Freight car in North and Latin America. Plus, its innovative rail car designs compete favorably with competitors’ products globally.


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Jacob Gottlieb Considering Health Care Hedge Fund In The Future

Jacob Gottlieb loves investing and won’t let his experiences at Visium keep him from enjoying the career that he has dedicated his life to. While the actions taken by the employees who were participating in insider trading were not connected to Jacob Gottlieb, he still took responsibility for the shutting down of his company as the CEO and made sure clients were returned the capital they had entrusted him with. He has been performing these duties for the last 2 years and has made the decision to move on.

While Jacob Gottlieb is currently running a new investment firm called Altium, he is thinking about getting back into the world of hedge funds. His new firm mainly focuses on managing his own wealth that he has accumulated over the years and includes his brother as their CEO. As a medical doctor, he focuses his investment decisions on the healthcare industry. If and when he decides to create a new hedge fund, it will also focus on health care with the goal to promote good research.

A lot of companies have gone public in many different fields of health care in the last few years. With this much activity happening in the stock market, there is going to be a lot of money gained and lost and Jacob Gottlieb wants to be in on the action. He hasn’t released much more information other than the fact that he is wanting to get into the business again, but people are looking forward to seeing his investment choices.

While there were several people within his company that did not practice ethically, Jacob Gottlieb is determined to move beyond their actions. The actions of a few in his company do not represent his own practices in the industry. He believes that his clients will support his future endeavors due to his successful track record in the past.

Matt Badiali and the Facotors Affecting the Oil Market

There are some financial analysts who are beginning to worry that the price of crude oil is getting too high and will eventually hinder economic growth. Matt Badiali is one financial advisor who sees the potential for higher oil prices as soon as fall starts. He believes that the main catalyst that will send the price of oil soaring is the situation in Iran. Back in 2015, the United States came to an agreement regarding Iran and its nuclear program. Iran was then able to export its oil and trade. However, the Trump Administration was against the Iran deal. The US plans to place sanctions on Iran if a new deal regarding their nuclear program is not met. The sanctions are going to take effect in November and many analysts believe that the sanctions are going to drive up the price of oil. Matt Badiali estimates that Iran was producing around two million barrels of oil. The largest oil producers will not be able to make up the difference, thus creating a very tight oil market. Venezuela, a major oil producer, has been going through major economic turmoil and has been producing much less oil.

Although Matt Badiali is anticipating higher oil prices, he believes China could play a role in keeping oil prices from rising. China and the US are currently in a trade war. China has an opportunity to undermine any pressure the US may try to inflict on Iran. China imports much of its oil from Iran and strongly opposes the sanctions that the US is trying to impose on Iran. Also, the trade war is creating some fear on Wall Street, as many analysts believe it will push the US into a recession. Eventually, a slowdown in the economy would drive oil prices lower.

Matt Badiali believes that if the US and China are in a trade war, China will do everything to undermine US policy regarding sanctions on Iran. Other countries agree with China for opposing the sanctions and have criticized the United States for terminating the Iran nuclear deal. Matt Badiali feels that China may end up importing more oil from Iran and less from the US if the trade war continues to heat up.


Bullish On “Freedom Checks”

Many corporations and American taxpayers are ecstatic about the new tax plan. Many corporations will be even more profitable after being able to take advantage of some of these new tax breaks. The American taxpayer is likely to get more money back this year in taxes. Individuals can use this extra money to pay bills, purchase something they like, or maybe make their savings work for them by investing in “Freedom Checks”. This investment opportunity is a great way for individuals to start earning a tax-free income and achieve better than average rates of return. When the investment community first heard about “Freedom Checks”, they dismissed them as a scam, but eventually, this investment opportunity has been proven to be real and can bring about some serious returns for wise investors who git in on this opportunity.

Matt Badiali is the man credited for introducing “Freedom Checks” to the world, but the truth is that sophisticated investors who understand the US tax code have been using this strategy for decades to generate a fantastic tax-free income stream. To begin receiving “Freedom checks”, an individual needs to invest in “Master Limited Partnerships”. In 1987 Congress passed legislation to allow these companies to operate without paying income taxes. MLPs must earn ninety percent of their income in operations related to oil, gas and other natural resources and they must distribute ninety percent of their revenue to their shareholders. Investors are rewarded by not having to pay any taxes on the “Freedom Checks” they receive from these companies.

Another reason Matt Badiali is so bullish on this investment opportunity is that he believes many of these companies are going to see their share prices appreciate greatly in the long-term. Many MLPs are in the oil and gas industry and the fracking boom in the United States has enabled many of these companies to be very profitable. If America continues to push for energy independence, these companies should see growth n the years to come, which will reflect in higher share prices, as well as higher distributions. Also, as the human population on Earth continues to grow, the demand for fuel will continue to grow.

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Chris Burch – The Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital


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Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of this company. Chris has been an active entrepreneur and an investor through a variety of industries for approximately four decades. He has contributed significantly to the growth and development of various brands such as Jawbone, Faena Hotel and Universe, Poppin, Tory Burch, and Voss Water. Chris Burch attained the ownership of Nihiwatu and renovated it in 2012. Nihiwatu is a luxury resort that is based in Indonesia Island of Sumba. This Resort was featured at the best Hotel in the entire world in 2016 by the Travel and Leisure Magazine. Chris Burch development interest in hospitality when he made a partnership with Philippe Stark, an architect and Alan Faena, a Hotelier in Argentina to redevelop an underused parcel of the land into Faena and Universe.

In July 2014, Chris Burch announced his partnership with Ellen Degeneres to launch her lifestyle brand by the name ED by Ellen Degeneres, read ( At the end of the year, Chris established other ventures such as Cocoon9, contemporary design, luxury prefab homes with space saving floor plans, energy efficient features as well as complex finishes. The combination of these ventures makes Chris Burch portfolio which also incorporates the sourcing of hospitality business Bur+Mah which is an office that supply business Poppin and woman apparel as well as accessories brand TRADEMARK. Chris is currently in support of the development of various other lifestyle and consumer products brands such as Blink Health, BauberBar, Chubbies, Brads Raw Foods, Soludos, and Little Duck Organics.

Chris Burch was among the board members of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He used to be the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He I also a great philanthropist and has funded research and philanthropic initiatives at various organizations such as NYU Langone, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, The China Association of Social Work, The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement and The Child Welfare League of China, helpful source on