Igor Cornelsen Gives It To You Straight About Brazil’s Investment Climate

For some investors, the political changes that happened in Brazil over the last few years may have scared them away from the country. But Igor Cornelsen, a former Brazilian investment banker says there are actually new opportunities to invest in Brazil that may yield higher returns than before if you play your cards right. You do have to deal with tighter regulations for the time being, but there’s so many Industries to buy into that could add significant gains to your portfolio. Cornelsen says first you need to become familiar with the five big banks in Brazil because they drive most of the market. Second, be aware of how stable the Brazilian real is, and third pay attention to its trade competitors and partners. View ireport.cnn to know more.

Igor Cornelsen holds an economics degree and spent most of his years as a portfolio manager at a big Brazilian bank and also served as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance. He’s retired now but still works sometimes as a consultant for various firms. You can find independent advice from Cornelsen on his social media sites including WordPress and Tumblr, and he’s also been interviewed for CNN’s financial page.

Cornelsen often gives out simple but important concepts for investing that he wants everyone to know about. First, he encourages investors to invest in stocks that have a good steady track record of going up and that are not too risky. The goal he says should be to make investments that will meet long-term goals as opposed to looking for quick trades to make money overnight on. Second he says you should have more than one kind of investment in your portfolio so that any losses you do incur could be offset by gains. And he says you need to follow your investments closely and if they’re doing well, put more money into them.

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Rick Smith Focusing on Research and Development to Keep Securus Technologies ahead of Competition

The executive decisions and the policies agreed by its management direct the growth of any and every company, which is headed by the company’s CEO. The decisions made by the company’s CEO are reflected in the company’s performance and how it fares in the tightly competitive market. As there is substantial competition in just about every niche these days, it is essential for the company’s CEO to have a vision for the company and plan its business development strategies accordingly to ensure consistent growth. Rick Smith of Securus Technologies is an ideal example of how the company’s CEO should be. He became the CEO of Securus Technologies, a leading inmate communication, and investigative technology firm, in 2008 and since then the company’s growth curve has been in the positive. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on prnewswire.com.

The strategies implemented by Rick Smith as the company’s CEO has helped in not only enhancing the revenue of the company but has also ensured that company leads the competition regarding innovation and creativity as well. The unique and innovative marketing strategies implemented by Rick Smith have helped in enhancing the market reputation of Securus Technologies in the last few years, which has boosted its sales and market outreach as well. The number of correctional facilities using the technologies and services offered by Securus Technologies has increased drastically in the past few years, which apparently showcases the leadership skills and business acumen of Rick Smith as a leader.

Rick Smith Securus believes that for a company to maintain its superiority in its niche, comprehensive and frequent business expansion moves are essential. It is for this very reason; Rick Smith decided to acquire Jpay Inc, a technology firm that offers a host of services to the corrections space, including money transfer services, music download services, educational opportunities, recreational services, and more. The comprehensive range of services offered by Jpay Inc is now provided under the banner of Securus Technologies, which has helped in adding to the existing broad range of technology services provided by Securus Technologies. It is a mutually beneficial decision for both Securus as well as JPay as it gives access to each other’s technologies as well as broadens their target audience. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick Smith is a highly qualified individual as well with Masters in Engineering from the State University of New York and Masters in Business Administration degree from Rochester University. Rick Smith believes that any company can not only survive, but also thrive in a highly competitive niche if it thinks ahead of time and provides the customers with the innovative products and services that effectively meet their requirements. The world of technology is all about innovation, and thus, Securus Technologies continues to focus on innovation through its extensive research and development initiatives.

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Leagues and Dating With Whitney Wolfe Herd

On the topic of dating, people are going to come across the topic of leagues. While people have always thought about leagues in dating, this concept has become even more apparent with online dating. Many people, especially men have set up profiles and have walked away frustrated that they are not having any success. Therefore, this topic of leagues have become even more apparent. However, things are not so cut and dry when it comes to dating. There are a ton of other issues that people are faced with on dating apps. A lot of these issues have been solved with Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble.

Bumble has addressed a lot of the issues that plagued online dating as a whole. Many women who had their profiles set up were often spammed. This has caused a lot of the legitimate men to be lost in the shuffle. Bumble makes it easier for men to get a date because of one simple configuration. Men are not allowed to initiate with their profile. They can respond to women who contact them. This makes things more convenient for men while simpler and more empowering for women. Whitney Wolfe Herd makes sure that both sides win in this dating game.

Whitney Wolfe Herd herself has found success in dating. She has met someone whom she has eventually married. She is currently married to Michael Herd. They have met and gone on dates. Afterwards, they have found themselves to be compatible enough to pursue a relationship together. This have turned out to be enough of a success for them to get marriage. This has not only been good for Whitney’s life but also her career. After all, this can show belief in her product if she is married. One of the best ways to get people to buy what is being promoted is to demonstrate it.

The Importance of a Plan With Market America

Before getting started with Market America, it is important for people to have a plan in place. The best thing to do is map out the business plan in phases. One phase would be deciding on what the business is going to be based on. Another phase is going to be in getting the website. Afterwards, one can stock the website with links, or one could use one product link and talk a lot about the product and the different uses of the product. In the website, it is important to link the user to the product page. Make sure that the referral link is going to have the member code on it so that the commissions will be paid to the appropriate party.

Once the online shop is set up, it is important to have a plan in place to get traffic. One of the best methods for getting traffic is through the use of social media. While many people do say that SEO is important, there are reasons that social media is really helpful as well when trying to profit from Market America. When people use social media, they are actually connecting with others and also establishing an online presence for themselves and their brand. Another thing to consider with social media is that these types of sites rank high on search engines. Therefore, with enough posts on a given social media platform, a user is going to rank high with his social profile. This can also bring customers to the site, and sell enough Market America products. One of the best things to do with SEO is to rank high with not only one keyword, but plenty of related keywords as well as local keywords. This will bring in customers from multiple sources. This can do wonders for conversion and sales of Market America products.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Reflections on the Basics of Brazilian Banking

Towards the end of 2014, the entire banking world was perplexed over the anomalies that hit Brazilian banks. Banks are known to suffer in times of troubled economies. However, the two top private banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco (BBD) and Itau Unibanco (ITUB) witnessed a rise in their shares by a third in 2014. The two banks also saw their profits increasing with Itau getting its third-quarter net profit jump 36% from 2013 while Bradesco posted 28%. How did these banks manage to weather the storm? Igor Cornelsen, a top Brazilian investment expert and banker revealed the secret as proper knowledge of their market as well as experience in other difficult years.

Brazilian Bank’s Secrets

According to Igor Cornelsen, private sector bankers only lend to borrowers deemed the most credit worthy. This helps in streamlining their costs as well as offers them with some security going forward. People whose credit worthiness is less desirable have to go to banks in the public sector or abandon their plans. This is a huge challenge to the country’s macro economy and its development. The government ought to move in and boost investors’ confidence by instilling more fiscal austerity and reforms targeting the market.

Despite the country’s uncertain economic climate, investors ought to consider Brazil. The country has lots of natural resources and needs infrastructure development for its expanding population, making it an attractive market in the whole of South America. In addition, Brazil is the largest in the continent and among the top producers of food in the world.

Basics on Brazilian Banking

Igor Cornelsen advises any interested investors in Brazil to first understand the basics of Brazilian banking. It is wise to note that Brazilian banks are backed by 10 major state and privately owned investment and commercial banks. Secondly, the appointment of a fresh finance minister may turn things round. Lastly, keeping an eye on China will impart more knowledge of your investments.

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One Step at a Time with IDLife.

IDLife is a health and wellness company that was created by Logan Stout. The company is headquartered in Frisco, Texas. IDLife stands for Individually Designed Life. This is the core principle of the company. IDLife can help a person be as healthy as they want to be. This is one of the goals of the company. It is to help clients maintain and live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The first thing that a person should do when he or she signs up for IDLife is to take an assessment test. The test can help a person pick the products that are right for lifestyle and their goals. The advisors will help design a plan that best suits the individual.

IDLife offers a wide variety of different products for people to try depending on the goal the person sets. The first set of products are part of the IDLife Experience. These products are used to help people maintain energy levels throughout the day. Some of the products are protein shakes, Hydrate, and Energy. There are also Sleep Strips that can help a person feel fully rested. It takes little time and effort to use these products and work toward a better life.

For those with active workout routines, kids, those who want to manage their weight, and those who want to take care of their skin there are many products for these groups as well. Pre and post workout snacks help those with workout regimens get the best out of every single one. For those with kids, there are choices to help live active and healthy lives. There is also a skincare line that is proven to help keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated. These products and more can help people live better and more active lives.

The company is committed to the health and well-being of its customers. The company only uses the highest quality ingredients for their products. people who have used the products say they have helped them gain control of their health and their lives. This makes Logan Stout and his team very happy people indeed.

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The Phenomenon American Institute of Architects

     Architects residing in the United States have formed an organization known as the Institute of Architects that is based in the Washington D.C. The organization is tasked with the development issues in the surrounding communities and advocating for government issues. The organization also offers architectural education to the interested individuals and reaches out to the professionals in the architectural field.

The main reason for performing these tasks is to present a good architectural image to the public. The Institute of Architects has correlated well with other professional bodies in relation to its field. Engineers have been able to work with the organization in their building strategies. Activities that involve construction and design have been harmonized by the organization.

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The American Institute Organization has proudly constructed the Octagon house. The organization’s activities are conducted through the house. The Octagon house is located in the Washington D.C and it was founded in 1800. Thirteen architects founded the organization in 1857.

The American Institute of Architects has enhanced perfection among the architects’. This is achieved with the daily records of the architect’s activities. The profession has been admired by many individuals through the payments and services that they offer. The organization has managed to elevate the profession to an admirable position.

The Institute of Architects contains 90,000 members who are all licensed. The members include the associated professionals and the architects. The institute has provided a code of ethics where its members are required to adhere to the rules and regulations. These codes enable the professionals to provide good services to its clients.

The organization has constituted its membership into five categories. The categories include the international associate members, allied, emeritus, architects, and associate members. The allied members involve professionals whose activities associate to construction. The international associates contain valid licenses from other countries. The architects have been recognized by the United States as professionals in the field.

The Emeritus has been in the organization for more than fifteen years. Finally, the members who are associates are supervised by the architects in the field. Students with an interest in the architectural field can acquaint themselves with the student’s program. Many states in the United States contain the program to motivate the students.

Individuals who have been instrumental in the growth of the organization are normally awarded. The member is honored whereby he is designated in the organization. Architects who are foreign -based have also been recognized.

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Boraie Development: Visionary Developers of Urban Real Estate

Boraie Development is a real estate development, marketing, and property management company. Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Boraie Development has been in the forefront of developing quality residential and commercial property since early 1970’s. Led by Omar Boraie, an Egyptian migrant and his son Wasseem Boraie, the group has taken much pride in changing the housing sector in New Jersey. Visit statetheatrenj.org to see more.

Housing Situation in NJ

Due to the population explosion in the state of New Jersey, a housing crisis is cropping out in the area. As stated in an article published in the Philly Purge, NJ has been trailing in the growth of real estate market. Also, it is experiencing the highest number of residential mortgage defaulters in the US. However, of late there has been a slight improvement in the underlying local economy. The employment rate is improving as well as gaining home prices and formation of households. Therefore, locals are optimistic that the positive trend will continue in future and the housing crisis will be resolved. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Lawrence Yun, a Realtor Chief Economist, stated that the housing deficiency in NJ is evident. Few homes are on sale and auction, while those newly built are sold at a fast pace. Also, the reduction in the dispensation of housing permits is worrying. The homeowners and sellers are withholding their sales waiting for the prices to hike for increased gains. With this situation, the housing shortage in NJ is likely to hit the highest level ever.

Despite the situation, since ending of Great Recession, some towns in NJ are experiencing a commendable growth. With development infrastructure and low mortgage rates, these cities are becoming more attractive to investors thereby improving real estate market. Therefore, there is hope for the increment of house supply and reduction in prices. However, a soaring issue in NJ is that the cost of housing, as well as the rates of rent, is still going up.

Boraie Development

Over the years, Boraie Development has been able to associate itself with credible financial institutions and work with renowned architects and contractors. The company has revolutionized the real estate market in NJ with quality work. They offer a range of services from development of properties, to their management as well as marketing and sales. Boraie Development consists of a committed team of visionary professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional services to their clients. They aim to create urban estate projects that will attract and satisfy the renters, residents and financial partners.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco proves achieving success the old fashioned way is still possible

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Brazilian banking powerhouse Bradesco, recently announced that he will be moving up to the role of chairman of the board of directors. This latest move marks the final place to which Trabuco can ascend in the bank’s hierarchy. It is the culmination of a nearly 50 year career with the bank, which saw him propelled from the lowest position at the firm to the most exalted.

Throughout his rise, Trabuco proved that it is still possible to move up in socioeconomic status the old fashioned way. Through his hard work, grit and raw talent, Trabuco was able to go from an inexperienced high school graduate to a multi-degree-holding titan of Brazilian finance. And he did it all while working at the same company that gave him his first job.

Climbing the corporate ladder

Trabuco first went to work at Bradesco when he had just graduated from high school. In 1969, at the age of just 18, Trabuco saw a help wanted sign in the window of a local bank. He applied and was quickly hired on. At that time, Bradesco was little more than a local thrift institution, having just a few branches throughout the small town of Marilia, in Sao Paulo state.

Over the next few years, he proved himself to be a capable and hard-working employee. He was able to quickly move up through the ranks of the institution, being first promoted to bank manager and then to regional manager. Throughout the 1970s, Trabuco was able to put himself through night school at one of the most prominent universities in the country. Even as he worked up to 60 hours per week, by 1978, he had achieved a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in social psychology.

In was around this time that the now well-credentialed banker was first tapped for his debut executive role. In 1984, Trabuco was appointed to the head of the bank’s PR and marketing division. There, he quickly set about modernizing how the bank approached public relations. By the end of his tenure, the bank’s image was among one of the best of any financial institution in the country. The firm was also recruiting record numbers of new clients through its sleek advertising campaigns in both print and televisions, driving considerable organic growth.

Trabuco’s superiors noticed his successes. In 1992, he was again promoted, this time to the presidency of the company’s financial planning division. It was here that Trabuco first started leaving his indelible mark on the operation of the bank as a whole.

Prior to the reign of Trabuco, the bank had a policy of delivering uniform services and products to all of its clients, independent of how valuable any individual client was to the bank or how much they had on deposit. Trabuco immediately recognized this as the suboptimal business plan that it was. He moved to create Bradesco Prime, a tiered banking system where the highest-value clients were given special perks, privileges and services.

In a concerted effort to go after the country’s high-net-worth banking market, the bank’s most valuable customers were looked after in separate, luxurious facilities. They were also given a 24/7, on-call personal banker and were given lavish rewards, such as first-class airline tickets abroad and five-star hotel stays.

The strategy proved enormously successful. Bradesco was quickly cornering the market in high-net-worth clients, adding hundreds of millions to its balance sheets and enabling it to make far more loans.

This is just a small sampling of the many ways in which Trabuco materially contributed to the bank’s success while riding that wave to the top of Brazilian finance.

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Securus Technology –The Solution to all Prison Life Problems

Being in the correctional services can block you from so many developments in the world. This is because your freedom of movement is taken from you. You also do not have the liberty of assessing the internet now and then. For an inmate who has been serving a 20-year sentence and above, the world is a different world by the time they are released.

Some of this convicts suffer depression because of difficulty in adjusting. They feel out of place. They feel misplaced. Many convicts have had to enroll in therapy to know how to keep up with the changes. Even worse, some have deliberately committed a crime to go back and continue with their prison life. At least that is what their normal is.

Other complaints that the convict’s relatives have had in the past is the distant nature of the convicts. After spending a long duration in prison, the family bond is broken. They feel indifferent and seek solitude. The family members have to stay mending the relationship for months.

Securus Technology has permanently solved these problems. The high tech company has come up with gadgets that got you covered.

For the adjusting issues, the company has come up with embedded emails. The convict signs up, and through this, they receive pictures and the new developments in the outside world. The convicts, therefore, have an idea of what to expect once released. This has reduced the anxiety problems. The family members have testified this program as a miracle worker.

The distant nature of convicts after being released is no longer something to worry about with Securus. The Securus Technology has come up with gadgets that allow communication on a daily basis. The inmate can make calls, both audio and video to keep in touch. The family can also call from the comfort of their home. The regular communication has managed to keep the inmates bonded to their families as they serve their sentences.