Does Cotemar Comply With the Regulations Of CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility expects all corporate companies to take care of the environment as a mandated obligation. They are expected to be considerate of the social wellbeing in their areas of operation and beyond. Cotemar is a company located in Mexico and leads in providing diverse services to the energy sector. The company complies with requirements of CSR in different ways as outlined below:

  1. Observing transparency: All the employees at Cotemar are trained to observe transparency, honesty as well as professionalism at all times. The management achieves this by ensuring that they understand the code of ethics as well as business conduct formulated for them. They also enforce compliance of the same.
  2. Environmental care: Taking care of the environment is part of their day to day responsibility especially because of the kind of operations they are involved in. They have laid down some regulations aimed at helping in the protection of the environment from any harm.
  3. Social responsibility: Cotemar as a company has formulated values to be applied to everyone in the company so as strengthen the welfare of the people around them. Also, their day to day activities are carried out in a way that they follow the company’s ethics to ensure the environment and its surroundings is diligently taken care of.
  4. Respecting employees’ values: Cotemar is a company that values its employees’ talents and skills. Employees are critical assets that any business should take care of if they need a continuous success. Cotemar knows this and works towards improving their talents.
  5. Observing community values: Cotemar ensures that they are part of the community by supporting their projects and this is one way that helps to improve the living standards of the people. Taking the activities of the community as part of their responsibility shows they are observing their business ethics.
  6. Creating a sense of belonging: Their stakeholders, including the employees, feel contented to work with the company because their welfare is well considered and valued.
  7. Valuing human rights: Cotemar complies with this regulation by ensuring that they provide a healthy working environment for all employees without discrimination. They are always against harassment, child labor, abuse or any other activity that may be respecting human dignity.
  8. Responsible marketing: Cotemar values a good bond with its clients and that is why they ensure that all the safety and health measures formulated in the company are diligently observed. Due to this, their services are always of high quality.
  9. Chain of trusts: all the stakeholders of Cotemar pride in working with the company because they usually work towards gaining and sustaining a feasible chain of trust.
  10. Adherence to commitments: Cotemar fulfills any commitment they have made either with their suppliers, clients, government, regulatory authorities or chain of trust as well as the community. They also adhere to commitments such as tax compliance.

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Timothy Armour Lends His Financial Insight For 2017

Timothy Armour is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group. He is also the Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company and Chairman of the Management Committee, subsidiaries of Capital Group.

He began his career at Capital Group 33 years ago, after obtaining his undergraduate degree from Middlebury College and joined the company’s Associates Program. After the Associates Program, Tim became an equity investment analyst with Capital, where he covered U.S. service companies and global telecommunications.

In 2015, Timothy Armour was elected as Chairman of Capital Group by the company’s Board of Directors. This election came after the passing of the company’s former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. The change was years in the making, reflecting Tim’s leadership.

Capital Group was founded in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace, forming a fundamental office in New York City. In 1962, Capital Group experienced its first business outside of the country. Capital Group is a now a leader in the financial industry, serving individual and business investors from all over the world with a wide variety of services. The company is a private firm with an independent charter that has kept them on the right course for doing what’s right for each and every one of their investors. Over 80 years after its founding, Capital Group now has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with over 7,500 employees.

Part of Tim Armour’s expertise lies in managing portfolio. His three decades worth of experience makes him a foremost experience on watching the market and following trends to do what is best for the company’s investors. Tim believes that 2017 should be a very interesting year. As interest rates have increased twice in a year, Tim believes the most important issue will be corporate earnings. Corporate earnings will mainly rely on how quickly global domestic products grow, not just in our country but also in other countries all over the world.

Tim believes that with the recent election, there will be a faster global growth and this growth should be reflected in corporate earnings. He also believes that the company needs to pay close attention to the divergence in the growth rate within the country in relation to the growth outside of the country. With Europe and Japan having problems, they still seem to be growing. Investors need the entire global economy to get going however, in order to fuel a corporate earnings growth that is so necessary.

Mike Baur Shows Massive Support To Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Upcoming entrepreneurs are some of the individuals who go through a lot of trouble trying to establish their businesses. There are too many obstacles and challenges along the way to a point they often get bored about pursuing the process. This often happens when no mentor is involved and the startup is left to run in the hands of an amateur. However, this should not spell doom for those who still have good ideas but lack the needed know how to run the idea into fruition. Professionals like Mike Baur have a solution that is allowing many Swiss entrepreneurs to seamlessly pursue their ideas.


Mike Baur founded the Swiss Startup Factory, whose sole aim is to incubate talented IT startups and to offer them financial support after the incubation period. Since the facility was founded in 2014, it has taken in many ideas and most of them were molded well to grow into successful businesses. With the massive support the facility receives from successful entrepreneurs and investors, startups find it easy to locate the resources needed to steer them up through the ladder of growth. There are many individuals involved in the growth process and this makes it easy for the upcoming entrepreneurs to learn about the industry and their business model.


IT and Accounting Support

One of the challenges startups face is getting their IT and accounting needs in order. There is always the difficulty of setting things up especially if the entrepreneur is not skilled on certain matters. This is what the Swiss Startup Factory seeks to work on by availing support from professionals who are IT savvy and knowledgeable when it comes to matters to do with accounting. Offering the startups this knowledge makes it easy for them to avoid the pitfalls that occur as a result of making the wrong decisions. Additionally, the world is a digital environment and only those businesses that change to fit within


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who started out as a banker in the private banking sector of the country. He is the founder and head of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working with startups across the country by offering them the support needed to steer them towards growth and development. His educational background was based on his Finance and Banking degree. He also earned an MBA from the University of Rochester before he finally joined Bern University to pursue an Executive MBA.



Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Sam Tabar’s 2017 Investment Tips

New years are marked in various ways within the United States, with many people taking some time to make New Year’s resolutions. A survey by Fidelity Investments revealed that about 54% of consumers make financial resolutions for the coming year. Although this significant number of individuals makes financial resolutions, however, very few or none at all venture investment securities. Venture investment is tricky to invest in without getting initiated. However, in 2015, Sam Tabar, a law graduate, and capital strategist revealed his top secrets to help new comers to increase their net worth and plan for their retirement.

In an article published by PR Newswire, Tabar advised entrepreneurs to do a thorough feasibility study before investing. He said that these types of investments are risky and volatile as compared to stock markets or mutual funds. Commodity investors should, therefore, do a detailed research and have the financial wherewithal to absorb the possible short term loses that are usually associated with the volatile sector. He further urged the low-income individual to invest in the private business, which are alternatives to private business. Social entrepreneurship is another sector of investment, which provides a good opportunity for startups.

Tabar further stressed on the importance of having a diversified portfolio. He stated that novice investors can easily get wrapped in new and exciting investment and have their eggs in one basket, consequently making loses when the volatile investment backs down. Diversification will be the only way to avoid such unexpected losses. Moreover, Tabar advised investors to start investing now or regret for not starting early during their retirement days.

About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a prominent lawyer and capital strategist. The New York based attorney graduated with a bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence from the University of Oxford and later he earned his master’s in law from the Columbia University. He began his career as an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP and Affiliates. In 2007, he joined Sparx Group as the managing director, a position he held for four years. In 2011, he joined Merril Lynch to serve as the director and head of capital strategy. Currently, Tabar is a partner at FullCycleFund where he is responsible for creating marketing plans, raising capital, analyzing and making day to day operation decisions.

The Life of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz announced the addition of a new podcast to the PodcastOne network in December of last year. The new podcast “Beyond the Darkness” would focus on paranormal activity and would feature conversations on ghosts, ghouls, miracles, angels, and demons. Pattiz said that the podcast would be released under WWE Superstar Chris Jericho’s network. Jericho’s network is one of the best under PodcastOne according to Pattiz, and that is why it has grown beyond wrestling. “Beyond the Darkness” will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis who are both radio hosts and producers. Chris Jericho said that he expected that the hosts would continue to deliver good and interesting shows to their audience. He finished by saying that he was confident in the ability of the hosts to grow their audience beyond the network.


Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One and led it to become the largest radio network and news and sports provider. Some of the radio stations that were managed by the company included NFL Football, CBS News, CNN Radio, and NBC radio networks. Pattiz was selected by both President Bush and Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA due to his expertise in radio broadcasting. The board is responsible for overseeing the several non-military radio networks that the nation operates outside its borders. The radio stations include Radio Liberty, Voice of America, and Radio Free Europe. He is credited as being the founder of Alhurra, a TV channel that is owned by the United States. It is broadcasted in the Middle East.


Norman founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. It is the parent company of PodcastOne which is the leading podcast network in the US. PodcastOne Sales was previously known as Launchpad Digital Media. It is the sales and marketing arm of the network. Pattiz is the current chairman of the boards of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Norman is a regent of the University of California. Pattiz is a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations. Pattiz was added into the National Radio Hall of Fame a few years ago. He was also awarded a Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. Pattiz is an avid basketball fan and has been a season ticket holder of Lakers tickets for the past 30 years.

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Top Brands for Men On The Go


If you’re a man who’s frequently on the move, you likely don’t have time to worry about low quality products that will fall apart after a few days use. However, sometimes it’s deceivingly difficult to figure out what the best brands are. Thankfully, we’ve compiled two separate lists to guide you in the right direction with respect to mens wallet brands and headphones.

Top 5 Wallet Brands For Men on The Go


Assuming you’re not in the market for a luxury wallet, this list is for you. Not only are these wallets fashionable, they’re also extremely durable. Coach wallets are a perfect solution for men on the go. Secondly, it’s recommended that you consider checking out Saddleback Leather Co.’s men wallets. The third runner up is Leatherology, a company dedicated to providing high quality and slim-profile wallets for men on the go. Finally, if you aren’t an advocate of the aforementioned brands, we encourage you to check out MCROC and Tommy Hilfiger wallets. No matter which of the 5 brands you select, the wallet will be both durable and fashionable, no matter where you end up.   Just be sure to carefully choose the right briefcase brands, because you have to match if you’re going to be this fashionable.



Top 5 Headphones for Men on The Go


If you’re a man on the go who needs to bring his music with him, this list is for you. We’ve tested and analyzed the best headphones currently on the market and have compiled a helpful list to help you find durable and fashionable headphone brands. First, we recommend Sony for their wide array of available headphones. Secondly, We recommend Bose headphones if you can afford them. Thirdly, consider picking up a pair of JBL headphones. If none of these brands sound appealing to you, consider picking up a pair of Philips or Denon headphones. All of the above brands are durable, have large drivers, and look fashionable when being worn.

WEN Hair Care Products By Chaz Dean Are Effective At Achieving Flawless Hair

Chaz Dean has been in the hair care industry for many years, and has been giving out cosmetics advice for many more. Over the course of his career he has created several products, most notably Wen hair cleansing conditioners, which is an all natural product that sports a formula that works on all hair types. Even after 10 years on the market, WEN cleansing conditioners are still holding strong, which is largely due to them being an affordable and effective all natural product that allows for convenient maintenance of women’s hair. There are great reviews out there to be read from women out there that have tried WEN on their problematic hair and published their results for others to see and jump in on the bandwagon, most notably, Emily McClure’s review on

Emily McClure ordered her product online and quickly started to test it out on her hair to start her week long journey. At first, she didn’t see anything special from using the product, but after tweaking her routine a little bit by cutting down how much she used at once and showering in the mornings, she started seeing results in a matter of a few days. By the end of the week period, she had noticeable results that she was consistently getting compliments about from her friends. She even posted photos on Twitter of her new and luxurious hair along with her review on Bustle for everyone to see.

Chaz Dean took extra special care to get the formula right for WEN cleansing conditioners because it was his mission to create not only an effective product, but an affordable one. No longer do women need to go to the salon week in and out to get great looking hair, which not only saves time, but a ton of money as well. Women can order WEN from practically anywhere and have it shipped right to their front door for roughly $40 a bottle. WEN cleansing conditioners are exclusive to the online marketplace and can be purchased from retailers such as Sephora, Amazon and Ebay(

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Investing in Brazil: Igor Cornelsen’s Crash Course For Beginners

Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world today. Millions of people come to the country every year to start a new life or business. Igor Cornelsen is an investor in Brazil who has done well financially over the past few years. Looking at his life, there are a lot of lessons the average investor can learn. Not only has he made a lot of money, but he has also helped many people during the process.

Early Life

From the time he was young, Igor Cornelsen has always been interested in business. While he was still in school, he started his first company. Although it was not a success, he learned a lot of lessons that he still uses to this day. When starting a business on Tumblr, it is vital to have the capital needed to scale up quickly. This is one thing that he did not have at the time, and that prevented the growth of his company from accelerating.

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Future Plans

In the coming years, Igor Cornelsen wants to continue to invest in the growing nation of Brazil. He has a lot of business ideas to test out, and he wants to make a positive impact on the world in the process. Few people give as much time and money to others as he does. With all of his success in business, he still finds the time to help other people who need the financial assistance on Twitter. He is a great example of the impact that one person can make on a local community.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

JMH Development is a leading real estate development company based in the United States. For the enterprise, they engage in the development of real estate developments using the latest level of technology and innovation which is unmatched in the industry. This is the reason why the company has stayed ahead of the rest when it comes to winning high renovation contracts in the United States. As a matter of fact, they have developed one of the largest real estate developments in New York which has given them much honor. JMH Development, whose leader is Jason Halpern, has worked to stay ahead of the rest in the industry through technology and innovation.

Jason Halpern

JMH Development has a working portfolio which includes the development of the commercial and residential category of properties. For all properties they handle, they have more than two decades of professional experience in this industry with an unmatched excellence. The company, in the event of innovation, was discovered o have one of the most distinctive approaches to the development of all their luxury apartments in the country. It has also pioneered the development of all well-positioned property developments in the outskirts of Brooklyn. Moreover, they have also won an award for the elaboration of the Cobble Townhill apartments with the highest level of innovation and technology.

In the recent past, JMH Development also won an award for becoming the only company which had the capability to renovate the 184 Kent Street structure. This was one of the most adaptive re-uses of the structure to develop it with the latest technology and suit the new demands of innovation and technology. The company also received the Brooklyn Award as one of the only businesses that have won the adaptive re-use category of innovation. JMH Development is also devoted towards the development of the successful, high-quality properties in all their endeavors.

JMH Development has announced that the company has reached the topping off of the Southern Aloft beach. According to the company, they have made it an effort to have the building constructed and finished within the most innovative manner. They have also worked with other companies to realise this dream take place. For JMH Development, they also wanted to contract he Madden real Estate Ventures Company to assist them towards the completion of the project. They were contracted to enable the company to achieve their goal before time elapsed.

Plaza Construction, on the other hand, was sub-contracted to help the company achieve one of the major re-construction progress which had all to take into consideration as a way of innovation and capability. While the company was taking care of construction processes in the building, ADD Architectures Company was in charge of the architectural design of the development and ensure it adhered to the latter.

Financial Expansion As Evidenced By Brad Reifler’s Strategies

Brad Reifler is a financial professional located in America. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital, a firm that offers financial services to those who are on the edge of something great. With over $20 million accumulated over the past decade, the business has the money needed to fund unorthodox projects. While other capital companies perform similar duties, Forefront Capital’s professionalism stands out among the rest. With subsidiaries in Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisors, his network is extensive with numerous colleagues and other entrepreneurs. Today, Reifler works with youth foundations to sponsors the next generation of economists. Because Forefront Capital has expanded to over 25 nations, they have a position of influence that allows them to make large scale differences.

Brad Reifler has a degree in institutional research and macroeconomics. With knowledge in multiple fields, he is able to apply these notions to both his conversations and extent of service. Sister companies recognize his broad initiatives; Reifler has set the standard for market expansion extremely high. His target audience is investment bankers, investment advisors, and business leaders who want to manage extensive property. In his spare time, Brad Reifler writes columns for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Due to this publicity, Forefront Capital has become a near household name when it comes to powerful managements who attract investors.

On social media, he frequently updates the public on his whereabouts and the progress that his team has made toward a better community. He highly stresses a hands on approach to investment. Instead of networking to find common connections, he urges his representatives to contact businesses directly and conduct interviews to share similarities. By talking to managers on a more personal level, Brad Reifler is able to establish credence that eventually reciprocates to his own company. Today, he has plans to consult influential business leaders about a possible expansion to network with deal brokers. Regardless of how this endeavor pans out, Reifler and Forefront Capital remain a financial powerhouse in America.