Paul Mampilly Announces A Prime Investment Opportunity In A Rising Field Of Study

Paul Mampilly is an investment expert who walked away from Wall Street after growing weary of making the rich richer. He now works with Banyan Hill Publishing where he writes to help empower everyday investors to become better. Recently, he revealed that precision medicine is growing at a rapid pace and that it is a good sector to invest in. One of his communications to his readers talked about the fact that he could probably take $10,000 and turn it into $100,000 by investing in specific precision medicine companies.

People pay attention to what Paul Mampilly says because he was able to retire at the age of 45 due to his sound investing strategies. He was one of the early investors in Amazon and tried to tell people it was a good investment during a time when barely anyone saw it that way. He also invested in Netflix and Facebook early on and secured plenty of profit. Before today, he managed a $6 billion hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management and grew it into a $25 billion fund. He was also a fund manager with the Royal Bank of Scotland and another Switzerland-based private bank.

Paul Mampilly is aware that the world is changing at a rapid pace and believes that precision medicine is the future. While a lot of the healthcare world is focused on treating diseases, precision medicine works to cure them. By working with data and new technology, precision medicine experts are finding patterns that are helping them to decide what the best path is to take for each individual. As precision medicine experts continue to expand upon their knowledge, more and more focused treatments will become available and less effective treatments will be discarded.

Paul Mampilly is revealing that there are quite a few precision medicine companies that are working on the cures of the future. He goes over many of these in Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter and has alerted his subscriber base of over 90,000 people to this excellent investment opportunity. Paul Mampilly has been featured on many news and media outlets and is taken very seriously when he makes a claim. Investors would be wise to do the same.

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