Put Your Mind At Ease With Life Line Screening

Nowadays, it can seem like every food we eat or activity we enjoy is bad for us. At the same time, the aches and pains we might associate with everyday life would turn up terrifying results if you searched the web for diagnoses. No one could blame you for deciding to ignore all but the more severe symptoms, if only to maintain your sanity. But what if there was an easy, affordable, and reliable way to detect health problems early? In neighborhoods all across the United States, Life Line Screening aims to provide just such a service.

The preventative health screenings offered by Life Line Screening include ultrasound, EKG, and at select locations, finger-stick blood screening. Ultrasound is a safe, painless way to screen for problems such as abdominal aortic aneurysm and carotid artery disease. Because sound waves are used to produce the images rather than x-radiation, it is much safer. The finger-stick blood screening uses a few drops of blood acquired by pricking the soft pad of the finger. Life Line Screening uses FDA-approved instruments, similar to those used in hospitals and labs across the country, to provide results in less than 10 minutes. This simple test can screen for cholesterol levels, glucose to access risk of diabetes, and even elevated liver enzymes. Last but certainly not least, LLS’s electrocardiograph (EKG) is a quick, noninvasive test to detect atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat which significantly increases the risk of stroke. You don’t even have to remove your shirt!

The tests described here and many more can be performed by Life Line Screening at events nationwide. Go to lifelinescreening.com to discover locations and dates convenient for you and be sure to schedule your screenings.

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