Rick Smith Focusing on Research and Development to Keep Securus Technologies ahead of Competition

The executive decisions and the policies agreed by its management direct the growth of any and every company, which is headed by the company’s CEO. The decisions made by the company’s CEO are reflected in the company’s performance and how it fares in the tightly competitive market. As there is substantial competition in just about every niche these days, it is essential for the company’s CEO to have a vision for the company and plan its business development strategies accordingly to ensure consistent growth. Rick Smith of Securus Technologies is an ideal example of how the company’s CEO should be. He became the CEO of Securus Technologies, a leading inmate communication, and investigative technology firm, in 2008 and since then the company’s growth curve has been in the positive. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on prnewswire.com.

The strategies implemented by Rick Smith as the company’s CEO has helped in not only enhancing the revenue of the company but has also ensured that company leads the competition regarding innovation and creativity as well. The unique and innovative marketing strategies implemented by Rick Smith have helped in enhancing the market reputation of Securus Technologies in the last few years, which has boosted its sales and market outreach as well. The number of correctional facilities using the technologies and services offered by Securus Technologies has increased drastically in the past few years, which apparently showcases the leadership skills and business acumen of Rick Smith as a leader.

Rick Smith Securus believes that for a company to maintain its superiority in its niche, comprehensive and frequent business expansion moves are essential. It is for this very reason; Rick Smith decided to acquire Jpay Inc, a technology firm that offers a host of services to the corrections space, including money transfer services, music download services, educational opportunities, recreational services, and more. The comprehensive range of services offered by Jpay Inc is now provided under the banner of Securus Technologies, which has helped in adding to the existing broad range of technology services provided by Securus Technologies. It is a mutually beneficial decision for both Securus as well as JPay as it gives access to each other’s technologies as well as broadens their target audience. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick Smith is a highly qualified individual as well with Masters in Engineering from the State University of New York and Masters in Business Administration degree from Rochester University. Rick Smith believes that any company can not only survive, but also thrive in a highly competitive niche if it thinks ahead of time and provides the customers with the innovative products and services that effectively meet their requirements. The world of technology is all about innovation, and thus, Securus Technologies continues to focus on innovation through its extensive research and development initiatives.

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