Robert Ivy: Why You Should Join A Professional Organization

Since 1996, Robert Ivy has been the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Architectural Institute. Ivy is also a world-renowned author, commentator, and writer in matters related to architecture and design. The AIA is a professional organization of all the architects operating in the United States. The organization has its headquarters in Washington D.C and offers education on matters related to current trends in the architectural field.

Additionally, the AIA offers community redevelopment, government advocacy, and public outreach services to safeguard the image of the design profession. Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the AIA has experienced a tremendous growth in terms of membership and resources base. Currently, the organization has a membership of over 90,000 certified architects and related professionals. It has more than 217 chapters spread across the world.

Robert Ivy is an extensively experienced professional in the design industry. Before becoming the Chief Executive Officer and the Vice President of AIA, he served as the Editor –in- Chief of Architectural Record. Owing to his superior leadership skills and talent, he propelled the architectural magazine to become one of the popular publications for architects and designers across the world. Besides serving as the Editor –in- Chief of Architectural Record, Ivy also worked as the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. The publications under his oversight included the Architectural Record, The Magazine of Sustainable Design, Constructor, HQ Magazine and the ENR.

As the leader of the most popular architectural organization, Robert Ivy advises every professional, especially those building their careers to join a professional organization. According to his expert advice, belonging to a professional body comes with many advantages. He says that membership and belonging presents an excellent networking opportunity for members. The organizations host massive conferences, which bring together thousands of members. When members meet during these conferences, they develop informal connections as well as formal ties that can help young professionals to learn more about the available opportunities in the market. Additionally, organizations have other bodies such as young-professional networks, volunteer events, committees, and receptions that bring members together. Some may even have their own social network platforms where they share important ideas and concepts.

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