Securus Technologies , a Leader in Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a very famous company that has helped in protecting the society against crime. It is the leading technology company that offers various technological initiatives. They work in collaboration with public safety organizations, corrections organizations and also their day to day customers. The company today specializes in criminal and civil justice technologies and solutions. They also focus on preventing and solving crimes that also includes crimes that are usually committed by inmates. The company has worked tirelessly towards ensuring that there is the provision of justice and also prevention of the spread of such criminal cases.


Securus Technologies operates under the leadership of Richard Smith who is the Chairman and the Chief Executive officer. The company is a very strong investment that requires competent people to head it. It has been on the frontline releasing these products and also developments proposals every weekly and thus the company has been very busy. It has several departments that require professionalism when dealing with them and Rich Smith happens to be a very qualified person. Since he took over the management of the company, in the year 2008, the company has recorded maximum achievements and tremendous improvements in the sector. The company receives thousands of letters and emails weekly requesting for services and therefore an indication of how the company has grown over the past few years. They have continued to welcome new clients every now and then and the growth has been superb.


Securus Technologies has established some decades ago and has been on the frontline working towards the advancements of prisoners communications and other activities. They have been able to help the public service move forward through helping in monitoring services for business owners. The company has its offices in Dallas, Texas where its offices are also found. It has been able to serve more than two thousand and fifty public safety, correction agencies and also the available law enforcement agencies. The company has also been able to help more than 1,000,000 inmates in almost all the North American countries.