Securus Technologies, Joining Forces to Advance Affordable Solutions

Securus Technologies has recently announced the acquisition of GovPayNet. This company is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and has over 20 years in business. Started by a Sheriff to help process cash payments for bail, the company has grown to process nearly all types of payments made to government agencies. The acquisition by Securus Technologies, who’s been in business for over 30 years and serves over 1.2 million inmates, and thousands of agencies, is expected to advance technology at a much faster rate. While there haven’t been any specifics mentioned, it’s suspected that they’ll use the consolidation to speed up projects like getting wireless containment systems in place. A technology that’s proven itself to be invaluable by reducing the contraband cell phone use in facilities. This has been a top concern by many for several years.


GovPayNet has also mentioned that being able to consolidate with JPay, another recent acquisition of Securus Technologies, will help to enhance the already existing technology. JPay has been involved in the WCS project, as well as, a program that allows inmates to purchase a tablet computer to enhance their learning with serving their sentence(s).


Securus Technologies provides many services and is viewed as a leader in the correctional facility management industry. From facility management software, calling and video visitation services, and much more, the company is well known in the industry. Customers have recently responded with an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, which is high in any industry. The Better Business Bureau has accredited Securus, and they’ve even been designated with an “A+” rating, also a rather significant accomplishment. With the companies now joining forces, it should be much easier for Securus Technologies to improve the facilities, at even better prices. In recent years, they’ve lowered the cost to communicate with inmates rather significantly. It’s easy to see why Securus Technologies is a leader and is working to become the service provider of choice in a saturated industry.