Student Author’s On Wikipedia

Academics in Sydney, Australia are starting to take a more serious look at Wikipedia. They’ve learned that students in higher education are simply not interested in the traditional way of learning and have embarked on an adventure to let their university students write Wiki articles and make Wikipedia edits. This is a learning experience for the students and the lecturers at the University of Sydney. Students can create a Wikipedia page and they look at the feedback presented by others that read their articles. This is a way for students in academic writing courses to receive feedback from peers, teachers, and others from around the world. Truly, it is a real learning experience.

Wikipedia Is A Personal Branding And Marketing Tool

Getting started with a business online is difficult today. This is due to the increase in competition. Individuals, small business, and large corporations look for a way to get noticed. Therefore, it is vital for them to build a brand through sound marketing efforts. One of the most overlooked ways to build a brand is through Wikipedia business page creation. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is visited by millions on a daily basis. Think of the potential. Any business page on the site might be viewed by thousands, or even millions daily. Some business owners in the know, are already building their brand by posting their biography or business articles on Wikipedia. Afterwards, most notice a large increase in traffic on their site and increased brand recognition.

Get Your Wiki

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