The Rise of OSI Food Solutions


Since the inception of the company in 1909, the company has managed to beat all the odds in the market to become one of the largest privately owned entity in the United States with a net value of about six billion dollars. But the secret to their success is their unwavering support for their customers as well as well as treating their employees with utmost respect. At OSI Food solutions, they all believe that both the employees and the customers form one big family. The largest world brands depend on the company to provide them with their products worldwide. OSI Food solutions have managed to open over sixty-five facilities in about seventeen countries as well as providing employment opportunity to over twenty thousand workers globally.

The company has continued to grow through some mergers as well as acquiring new partners across the globe. OSI Food solutions have expanded to Asia as well as Europe. OSI group mainly focus on supplying high-quality meat products as well as chicken products to the world’s largest brands across the globe.

But what has led to their success as a company?

Ever since the business venture was started many years ago as a small corner butchery by the German Immigrant into the United States, the founder always had a vision of providing quality to the customers. What OSI Food solutions does is understanding the culture of its customers and blend in. They further build customer trust by seeking to get to know the plight of their customers well before supplying to them. Additionally, the management has a vast experience in the logistics systems as the organization has worked with the government among other ventures for a long time and they know how to supply their produce in faster and safer in the shortest time possible (In time).

Furthermore, the venture has partnered with some other businesses around the globe that are strategically located to provide services whenever they are needed. Last but not least is their ability to stick to their goal of delivering quality products to the customers at all times has further aided in pushing their agenda also.

Global Honour

In 2016, the company’s United Kingdom’s branch was given the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award. The award recognized the excellent management in the environmental risks. There were only eighteen companies that were awarded during that year OSI Food solutions was one of them.