The Future And Present Of – How It Came To Be, also known by many as Jingdong Mall, is one of the best retail companies that exist in China. The company deals with all types of products from food, electronics, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and many others. The company started long before Amazon and eBay became big. Through hard work of its employees, gaining the trust of its clients, having more investors interested in it, being authentic and practicing first delivery, it has created a good image for itself and grown to something big.

Jingdong has a fast delivery system that makes it more preferable: 3hours to deliver around Beijing, 6 hours around all the urban areas of China and 20 hours to deliver for areas that are interior. However, they are still working on their delivery system out of China. For a package that should be delivered to Washington D.C. it will take a minimum of 6days and a maximum of 10 days.

In their venture to better their technologies and improve on their levels of innovations, opened a lab for blockchain technologies. in this project the team has partners up with Wu College Computing that is located at New Jersey of IT and Institute Software at the C.A.S. the project is also meant to better the understanding of clients on the chain used to supply their products s they can be at ease knowing they are safe thus gaining their trust and loyalty.

The company has also brought into action the new “JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution”. This is supposed to help small businesses to upgrade their management system. It is also for helping businesses that have underutilized warehouses rent them to other businesses that need extra space. The companies using this solution also get an added value of using delivery system.

The company has also introduced the use of reusable packages. The packages are green in color and cuboid in shape. One such package can fit anything whether an electronic device, jewelry, clothes or cosmetic and can be used for about 10 deliveries before it is considered unusable. This new measure is so as to maintain the environment. It is also the clients wish to either use the packaging or not. For those that use the package, they earn points that are redeemable on JD. com for any product. The client is also requested to return the packaging after delivery. Visit This Page for more information.


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